May 17, 2023

Indorama Ventures Unveils Surfonic Bio, Line of Biosurfactants

Indorama Ventures has unveiled Surfonic Bio, a line of biosurfactants that offers low toxicity, mildness and biodegradability benefits and is obtained by a sustainable process.

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According to the company, the line synergizes with other classes of surfactants and can be used as a primary or secondary surfactant in formulations. The Surfonic line contains specialty wetting agents, emulsifiers and dispersants.

Applications of products in the line, including Surfonic Bio 5000 (INCI: Not Provided) include:

Thomas Stephens, home and personal care marketing manager, Indorama Ventures, commented: "The Home and Personal Care market is increasingly concerned about reducing its environmental impact and seeking raw materials from renewable sources, combining these concerns with Indorama Ventures' leadership in surfactants in the Americas, we have the perfect match to promote the biosurfactants line in the region."